Manuscript Submission and Open Access Fee

Can submit articles through email prepared in the given format along with necessary documents (in pdf, word or excel format or jpeg for images and figures). The manuscripts can be General articles, Research papers, Research communications, Meeting reports, Correspondence, News and Book reviews. See Author’s guidelines for details.

How to submit

1. Pre-submission query The authors can submit the title, an abstract, and details of authors in pdf format with the subject head ‘Pre-submission query’ to We will get back to you within one week indicating our priority for the paper. Such communication doesn’t mean your paper is accepted for

publication but it will be accepted if you go correctly through the submission and review procedure. Submission of an article implies that it has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and further, that if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.
Manuscripts of all categories are to be submitted through email with a submission letter and declaration form.

Declarations to be made regarding ethical issues:

Manuscripts that deal with clinical findings should be enclosed with a statement on informed consent of the patients under study. If humans and animals are the subject of a clinical study, it is essential for the study to have been carried out in accordance with the ethical standards of the country/countries where the research described in the article has been conducted. The authors should have got permission from concerned authorities for collection of biological specimens Authors must know and the paper shall be accordance with the intellectual property rights, patents or otherwise clarified clearly. Authors must acknowledge the organizations that have provided financial support for their work. Any other conflict of interest must be declared while submitting the manuscripts. Any violation of the above or ethical/patent/indigenous/biological laws of the country(s) will solely be the responsibility of the authors. The journal will not be responsible for any such violations and such publication becomes evidence and will be disqualified if proved. All papers, solicited and unsolicited, will be first assessed by a Managing Editor. Papers found suitable/unsuitable in terms of the overall requirements of the journal will be communicated back.

The Complete submission involve three steps

Step 1.-Submission of full manuscript

The main author or the correspondent author has to submit following documents

1. submission and declaration form duly filled*
2. original article / paper in word as well as pdf format*
3. figures, photographs in jpeg
4. data in excel format
5. appendices in word and pdf

We will get back to you with

i. an acknowledgement of the acceptance of the manuscript within one week.
ii. first round comments from the review panel within two-four weeks based on the quality of the work
Click here for the Submission letter and Declaration form
Click here for the guidance for manuscript preparation

Step 2. Re-submission after the first review& payment

The main author or the correspondent author has to resubmit the document after necessary modifications as suggested by the review panel along with publication and review fee

We will get back to you with

iii. an acknowledgement and receipt of the review fee, submission of the modified manuscript and other documents as requested within one week
iv. detailed comments and suggestion from the subjects experts from second and final review within two – four weeks

Step 3. Final submission for publication

The main author or the correspondent author has to resubmit the modified document, other supporting documents as directed by the second review panel.

We will get back to you with

v. final acceptance of your paper for publication within one-two weeks or
vi. comments if the modifications made are not satisfactory. If so you have to resubmit again.
vii. a final letter of publication indicating your paper is ready for publication from the publication wing – two-four weeks

Publication fee

You can submit papers free of cost. A fee of Rs. 1000 (Rs. 500 for students and 750 for research fellows/students) shall be remitted along with resubmission of the first corrected version for ensuring the Hard copy and open access online.

Payment method

DD/NEFT transfer
Editor, Meridian,
Syndicate Bank
Padinjare Vemballur Branch
Kodungallur, Thrissur District, Kerala, India.
Ac. No. 45652200005066
IFSC: SYNB0004565
MICR : 680025253
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