Economic Feasibility of Tilapia Cage Culturein Pizhala,Cochin

This work was targeted to determine break-even point of tilapia cage farms. Study shows that all the selected farms are in profit. Once the cage culture practice is further expanded to many areas and farms, the cost will decline due to the economies of scale of operation. It is a viable alternative and economically and financially feasible mariculture operation for the farmers to make use of. Cage culture development must be sustained in future by research and development in genetics, nutrition, health management, production economy, product handling etc. In Pizhala, it is found that many people are willing to start and carry out cage farming of different species. Success story of the initial fish farmers are one of the major reason for this mindset. So, it is found that in Pizhala, cage culture is economically feasible and further development in this field is also possible, if available potential resources and technologies are logically distributed.

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