Value Added Products from Crab

Some of the consumers find crab shell as a hindrance in consuming crab. Hence despite its taste, tends to keep away from it. The objective of the present study was to produce easy-to-eat value added products from crab. Murukku, a traditional savory product popular in southern India.was identified for this purpose, as they are low in protein and mineral contents. The main ingredient for all types “murukku” is rice flour. Prepared three value added products namely, product A, product B and product C. Product A was prepared using only crab meat and product B was prepared using crab meat, fish meat and egg and product C was prepared using crab meat and fish meat. The Panel members were selected from the faculty and students of M.E.S Asmabi College, Kodungallur, Thrissur District. Separate booths were set up for evaluating the products. Mineral water was kept besides each booth. The panel members were instructed to rinse their mouth and have a sip of water after finishing each product’s sensory evaluation. Score card mentioning the hedonic scale was provided to each panel member. Each product’s economic acceptability and sensory score was recorded by the panelist. Quality of the products were analysed by statistical method in Microsoft excel. Economic acceptability was analysed

based on the panelist’s reaction in the score sheet after using the product. Crab murukk with ingredients in product A with rate Rs 40 per kilogram was recommend by panelists. Key words: Crab Meat, Sensory Analysis, Value Added Products, Sylla Serrata

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