Phenology, Association and Seedling Establishment of Endangered Canarium Strictum Roxb., Sholayar Forests, Western Ghats

Canarium strictum Roxb. (Burseraceae) is an important and endangered evergreen forest trees distributed in India and Upper Myanmar at an elevation of 750 m – 1400m. This tree is getting depleted due to degradation of evergreen forest and also due to dying off due to extraction of resin for medicinal and commercial use. The present study in the Vazhachal forests with in the Anamalai landscape of Western Ghats brings low its lowest elevation distribution ever recorded 235m at Vazhachal, its threat, seedling establishment and phenology. Flowering and fruiting of Canarium strictum ranges from December to January. Early dying off of mature trees due to over extraction for resin as a result of forest conversion and increased intensity of extraction within the available locations are the reasons for less number of mature individuals. The sapling density in the forest indicate it as a rare tree when compare with other associated species such as Palaquium ellipticum, Litsea floribundaCullenia exerillata etc. Lesser density near parent trees. Comparatively less sapling density near the parent trees, also in the forest areas indicate the through light on the role of

dispersal agents. The Great hornbills and smaller mammals such as civets found to depend on fruits and disperse seeds.

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