Phylogenetic Study on The Genus Ficus L. (Moraceae) in Kerala Using ITS Sequences as Molecular Marker

A preliminary molecular phylogenetic study on Ficus species from Kerala is done using Internal Transcriber Spacer (ITS) sequences. 29 species of Ficus were studied here to establish their phylogenetic relationship. Sequences of the ITS 2 region were retrieved from NCBI, with reference to accession numbers from authentic specimens. The sequences were alligned and Neighbour Joining tree was prepared by MEGA 10 software. The dendrogram obtained well separated the Ficus species into two major groups. Most of the morphologically similar species showed a common lineage and were closely related. F. caulocarpa and F. superba were the closest species. F. carica, the type species of the genus stands distinct from other species in the dendrogram.

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