The present study focused on developing effective ant control from herbal plant extracts. As a group ants are most difficult house hold pests to control. Often, application of chemicals is the most commonly used control measure with harmful effect on the environments and non-target organisms. Therefore, objective of this study is to control these ants by using botanical control methods.Hence laboratory assays were carried out to evaluate the ant control property of plant extracts of six indigenous native botanicals namely Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Neem, Tulasi, and Mint against ant. The extracts were prepared by grinding with water. Solenopsis geminate, Camponotus compressus are the two species of ants used in this study. The aqueous extracts were treated against 20 ants at dose levels of 1%, 3%, 5%.standard checks ( controls were used for comparison. Observations were made at 48 hours. Highest % mortality was recorded in garlic. The minimum % mortality was shown by ginger, neem extracts. As the dose and time increases, the mortality effect also increased. The use of such plant extracts can control the different households in an eco-friendly way.

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