Halopriming: An effective approach to enhance the NaCl tolerance potential of Sesamum indicum L.

Various strategies are routinely employed in plant breeding programmes to overcome the deleterious effects of these stresses. Seed priming is such a simple and cost effective strategy which improves the seed germination percentage and seedling vigour under stressed conditions. In the present project work, the seed priming effects of NaCl on the NaCl stress tolerance potential of Sesamum indicum L. were studied. Morphological, physiological and biochemical analysis were conducted in the seedlings raised from NaCl primed and non-primed seeds. The study showed significant reduction in the growth of seedlings under NaCl stress conditions. But the seed priming treatments resulted in the amelioration of the NaCl stress impacts in the seedlings. Thus from the studies it was concluded that 12h seed priming with 15 mM NaCl was the best seed priming method for sesame under NaCl stress.

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