Land and Natural Resources : Politics of exclusion and Adivasi responses in Wayanad, Kerala

In this paper the material dispossession of the tribal people, the 'epistemological colonialism' and the resultant violence of the state in dispossessing Adivasis from their dwelling places are conceived as ethical and moral issues. This study on the background of Forest Right Act (FRA) 2006 in Waynad district indicate that The Adivasis in Wayanad not only have lost their resources for material existence but also their symbolic and cultural capital as well as their wealth of knowledge with the loss of access to forest and the bountiful nature around them with the exclusive politics and legislations. Without giving due recognition and promotion to the epistemological meaning attached to land by Adivasis, there is no possibility for inclusive spaces which assures historical and cognitive justice. Giving titles for  forest right to Adivasis should be rooted on this abundant trust on Adivasi values

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